After 9 years in a modest Class C RV, with a basic bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), I downsized to a van, Class B, and got a reality check.

Shower--pretty useless, labor-intensive, and messy to clean up after. So I ditched the hand-held showerhead. Now it's friends or campgrounds for showers. Not ideal. Maybe I'll look into the Fitness Center option.

Toilet--the bane of my existence has been my van toilet, similar to what I had in my 1st RV, but it jams way too often. Same input, just not so easy to get the output. I even wrote about my woes in my new book, Dismazed and Driven - My Look at Family Homelessness in America (

Still, life in a van beats most anything I can imagine. CoVid travel requires common sense (and a mask). Having my own bathroom increases my odds of survival.

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