Eureka! That’s It!

I’ve been wrestling with why anyone could think DT is doing a good job.

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Driving to San Jose (cue “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”) with my good friend and Babe of Wrath Pat LaMarche to present to the NOW (National Organization of Women) conference on #SexForStay. After a very long day of driving, we stopped at the only RV campground in Eureka, NV.

This morning I was talking with “Joe,” the camp owner. Somehow we got to the topic of homeless families, my “line of work.” He’s a former union worker from California who was injured at work and had to retire at 45 for medical reasons. We talked about unions and the need for workers’ protections.

We talked about poverty, desperate people living in cars, the cost of living in CA and everywhere forcing people into homelessness.

He pointed to a couple of trailers where people live full-time. “That guy,” looking at a nice camper with a new pickup, “he’s the head of human resources at the mine. He’s looking for miners. They’ll start at $28 an hour.”

And then he added what became my Eureka moment. “Ever since Trump opened the mines…”

Aha. That’s it, at least for some.

We need a savior, and if 45 is nothing else, he’s an unabashed, self-proclaimed savior for the lost. And he personally opened the mines.

Or so he likes people to think. (For the record, I kept my fat trap shut, knowing it was pointless to point out the obviously not-obvious to this man. I wasn’t so merciful to my high school classmates (read my last post), for which I’m glad.)

While the populace is busy relishing the wonders of our “savior,” he’s busy raping and pillaging, along with his greatest ever non-swamp-critter cabinet. And by the time reality hopefully catches up to this pillager-in-chief, well, he’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. And we’ll be well on our way to the 21st century Nazi-experience.

In the meantime, do-gooders like me, Pat and oh so many invisible people, we’ll keep trying to stoke the fires of compassion. The embers are still there, like they are in Yolo County, CA, where the latest wildfire has forced hundreds from their homes into what will become for too many, homelessness.

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Affordable housing in CA. Photo by Diane Nilan

We’ll probably stop by to talk to the soon-to-be-ousted campers in Berkeley where city council has decided to break up the homeless RV encampment that had been, according to some, operating like a community in a community where the “rent is too damn high.”

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RVs offer shelter, but more is needed. And parking is illegal in many communities. Photo by Diane Nilan

We could swing through the church parking lot in tony Mountain View where homeless RV campers will be given a night of refuge, access to the all important showers, and food.

Pat wants to talk with sex workers in Carson City or Reno about what they think of not being able to afford a place of their own.

Plenty of EUREKA moments will be had. Every day. This is no vacation.

Founder/pres. HEAR US Inc., gives voice & visibility to homeless families & youth, ran shelters, advocate, filmmaker, author, 15 yrs. on US backroads.

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