Greetings from the ‘Shit-Hole’ that’s not…

Why would anyone leave ‘civilization’ to visit Tanzania? For inspiration, that’s why!

A typical produce vendor along a Tanzanian roadside. Photo by Diane Nilan
Traffic barely moved, and 4-wheel vehicles are outnumbered and out-maneuvered by these 3-wheelers, with perilous petrol tankers occupying the bulk of the roadway. Photo by Diane Nilan
Pity the unaware encountering the bundle of rebar precariously perched on the motorbike. Photo by Diane Nilan
Tanzania’s natural beauty defies description.
Selous Game Reserve provides plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. Photo by Diane Nilan
Central Tanzania is a collection of rural communities filled with ambitious people eking out their existence in ways that defy explanation by visitors such as me. Photo by Diane Nilan
You can find almost everything in the shopping district of cities and villages. Photo by Diane Nilan
Brightly-lit, well-stocked grocery stores make shopping a pleasure for those of us accustomed to western stores. Photo by Diane Nilan

What I haven’t seen:

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