Joining the Club That No One Wants to Be In

This Makes Me Sad, and Mad.

Diane Nilan
4 min readMay 15, 2019


Photo by Diane Nilan

Two people I’ve known and loved for a long time, who shall remain nameless, are facing the harsh reality they (perhaps unrealistically) never expected. Both are loving dads who set about making a life for themselves and their families like so many others — working the same kind of jobs that made money for generations before them. They graduated from college, embraced the family hand-up, and took off from there. They did their best to make it work.

Hardly working hard working guy. Photo by Diane Nilan

Now, each of them in slightly different ways, face financial ruin. Even before the stock market and the rest of the economy started doing flip-flops. Neither owns a home, though they both live in fancy digs. I’d say they’re living beyond their means. Money in the bank? Nope. Safety net of any kind? They wish, but no. Retirement savings. Not a nickel.

Both guys pursued the good life, as most do, and worked hard. They’ve tried their best to give their kids time and opportunity. They embraced religion, of the sort that seemed to fit their lifestyle choices, the conservative, anti-women, anti-personal responsibility kind.

They’ve had their share of marital bliss and hell. Twice. If I had the money spent on weddings plus divorce-related costs, I’d be living on my own tropical island.

Both absorbed political inspiration from the Fox side. True capitalists, whatever that means. They’d scoff at social programs that help people survive. They’d strive to keep Uncle Sam out of their pockets. Our current White House occupant met with their approval.

Swirling. Photo Diane Nilan

Now our government is being ravaged by this out of control, twitter-happy, clueless failed businessman who putting his billions on the hope that war might at least distract the legal beagles on his nefarious, odiferous scent. In the meantime, countless others, like these two guys, are finding themselves in deep, desperate financial straits, oblivious to the…



Diane Nilan

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