Thank you for expressing your views on this much misundrstood topic of affordable housing.

You and others who are unfamiliar with the world of homelessness and housing challenges might see things differently. As someone who’s worked in this field for over 3 decades, I welcome the chance to clarify the reality for millions of people who are homeless or on the edge of homelessness.

There is a shortage of affordable housing because there is no demand for it.

I’m not sure where you get that idea. Besides this link to a story of a shortage of more than 7.2 million housing units, I can tell you that the hundreds of communities of all sizes and locations that I’ve visited over the past 13 years, the overriding need according to agency personnel and families in homeless situations is for decent affordable housing.

Evidence of the shortage of affordable housing is available in abundance. I suspect you and others might not want all the links, but here is a reputable, nonpolitical report to start you out on.

…she has been on public assistance for decades.

Oh my. Is this a crime? Do you know why — the facts, not the suppositions — she’s needed housing assistance for decades? Some people will always need some form of assistance, a wheelchair (maybe their condition isn’t visible), income support (maybe their inability to earn enough to support themselves isn’t apparent), or housing assistance (maybe their circumstances are not public knowledge), a few ways we get confused about people’s use of assistance. Here is a good link with plenty of information and compelling stories about people’s housing and self-sufficiency challenges.

I don’t have the time to dig up a report I recently found about the short period of time many households spend in subsidized housing. Many move on once they can, but the economic barriers to that are increasing.

The article “What Ben Carson Doesn’t Get About Poverty,” makes several good points, including this: “The system that truly needs an overhaul is the American economy, which operates on the labor of millions of low-wage workers who earn too little to keep a roof over their heads without help.”

We put up signs in national parks not to feed the animals lest they become dependent on human beings to survive.

I’m going to try to control my “dimazement” about your absolutely disparaging comparison of animals and people. Don’t. Do. That. Maybe you’ll never be in a position to need assistance, but if you were, you’d probably not appreciate people comparing you to animals.

I’m glad you read posts on Medium. Don’t rely on Facebook posts by individuals who may/may not have the wherewithal to express reality.

Founder/pres. HEAR US Inc., gives voice & visibility to homeless families & youth, ran shelters, advocate, filmmaker, author, 15 yrs. on US backroads.

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