Thanks, Matt! Much of what you said resonated with me. My new book, Dismazed and Driven - My Look at Family Homelessness in America (, is a memoir/social narrative, and reflects my 15 years of solo travel across the backroads chronicling stories from invisible homeless families.

It's been quite a journey, and having been harassed by friends to write a book, I was able to finally come up with the combo book, which from initial feedback really works.

The self- promotion thing is the bite, as Ivan also mentioned. I don't want to complain, but politics and pandemics seem to take a lot of the air out of the media, public and social.

I've been lucky--getting a great review in the esteemed Los Angeles Book Review ( and some other good press. But it takes a constant effort, and I've flagged for the past couple months.

I guess we will continue to do what we do, and hopefully share the worthwhile parts in books and blogs. Figuring out the promotion aspect will be a lifelong quest!

Founder/pres. HEAR US Inc., gives voice & visibility to homeless families & youth, ran shelters, advocate, filmmaker, author, 15 yrs. on US backroads.

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