Years Later, Still Ignorance of the Law!

The comprehensive federal law guaranteeing homeless kids access to education passed in 2002. Why do I still hear about educators not knowing/complying?

Me, showing up for school despite my academic ambivilence. But give me a microphone…
Me climbing back into my home-vehicle-office, after doing an interview last May at WOSU. Photo courtesy of Esther Honig
Photo by Diane Nilan
Talking about school and her homelessness brought tears to her eyes. Photo by Diane Nilan

Gallant efforts of passionate people have opened school doors to kids experiencing homelessness. It’s critically important to the families and youth. It’s a challenging but essential responsibility for the schools. It’s vital for the well-being of communities across the nation. And it’s a federal law.



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Diane Nilan

Founder/pres. HEAR US Inc., gives voice & visibility to homeless families & youth, ran shelters, advocate, filmmaker, author, 17 yrs. on US backroads.